VMware Acquires Desktone - Advancing the Future of DaaS

October 15th, 2013

It's a very, very exciting day for the future of VDI and cloud computing, for the potential for those technologies to empower employees and their employers, and for the promise of new cloud services from a variety of service providers and technology companies. VMware today acquired Desktone, merging VMware's market-leading virtualization and cloud technologies with Desktone's DaaS platform. As a result, customers and partners now can pick from a wide range of market-proven VDI options from VMware's portfolio, including on-premise and cloud solutions. One thing is clear based on today's announcement: The future for Desktone's technology and the DaaS market is bright and promising.

When Desktone pioneered the concept of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) in 2006, the company envisioned a world in which desktops would be centralized in the cloud. We wanted to allow companies to harness the power of desktop virtualization and deliver it from the cloud rather than from internal data centers. For many organizations, it makes sense to let the experts in networking, storage, virtualization etc. manage the complexity of their desktops, leveraging a worldwide network of data centers to offer optimal end user desktop computing. Centrally managed desktops mean the IT teams don't need to worry about normal machine upkeep, security, or even issues created by weather or natural disasters. Those teams can focus on other, more strategic challenges.  

Since introducing DaaS, the world has changed quickly. Workforces are more mobile. Employees want to use their own devices, and they do work on machines other than desktop workstations. The explosion of mobile devices, new applications and increased interest in the cloud is driving businesses to re-evaluate their desktop strategy.  Desktop virtualization had enabled many IT organizations to allow access to desktops, applications and data from multiple devices and locations, while ensuring compliance, manageability, security and disaster recovery. As cloud adoption quickly gained acceptance, a larger share of the market became interested in leveraging cloud technologies to deliver alternative desktop management and application delivery solutions—and provide customers with a more flexible, predictable and streamlined way to evolve end-user computing. Desktone’s DaaS Platform enabled these cloud providers to give enterprises the ability to manage costs, expand capacity on-demand, and reduce the management time required when desktop loads change. We have transformed desktops from a CAPEX outlay to a predictable OPEX item.

And Desktone's business has grown dramatically. As each new service provider signed on board with Desktone (Dell, Fujitsu, IBM, Logicalis, NEC, Dimension Data, NaviSite, Quest and many more) it was further validation that the market was hungry for a solution like the Desktone DaaS Platform. 

As we embark on the exciting next phase of Desktone’s life as a VMware company (Desktone by VMware to be exact), we anticipate great times ahead for both our partners and their customers.  From our first partnership with VMware in 2011, the two companies have maintained not only a great relationship, but also a mutual appreciation for the market’s need of a better, faster, flexible, simpler and cost effective cloud desktop virtualization solution.  With the marriage of these two virtualization innovators, customers and partners will gain the benefit of Desktone’s six-year proven history of offering the industry’s most complete, multi-tenant DaaS Platform combined with VMware’s leading products such as VMware vCloud Suite and VMware Horizon View. Desktop virtualization with VMware Horizon View simplifies desktop management, security, and control while delivering an optimum end-user computing experience across all devices and networks. Now, merged with the Desktone DaaS platform, it further extends the benefits of desktop virtualization by offering an excellent choice for organizations that are looking for predictable economics, are seeking the flexibility of a cloud deployment, and/or may not have the resources or in-house expertise required to deploy and manage a VDI environment on their own.

In the weeks and months ahead, you can continue to expect great things from Desktone as we continue to innovate our mature platform. Customers and partners can also expect to hear from me directly as we execute our plans. And with the power of VMware's partner network (more than 11,000 partners), more companies in more industries will have access to Desktone's solutions from within the VMware portfolio. As always, I welcome your ideas, questions or concerns.  

The entire Desktone team would like to thank you for your support over the last six years, and we are committed to maintaining our relationships with you in the years to come, enhancing and evolving the industry’s most innovative DaaS Platform for delivering a superior end-user desktop experience. The entire team is moving over to VMware’s End User Computing (EUC) group so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on the Desktone team with comments, questions or feedback.

Peter McKay
CEO, Desktone

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Posted by Peter McKay

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Peter McKay is VP Sales EUC Americas and GM DaaS for VMware. Before joining Desktone [acquired by VMware], Peter served as Executive In Residence at North Bridge Venture Partners in Waltham, MA and Insight Ventures in New York.
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