451 Group: 'DaaS interest is exploding’

February 23rd, 2012

Last week 451 Group released a report titled 'Desktops as a Service'. Overall, they are very positive on Desktops as a Service (DaaS) and state that 'most if not all service providers have DaaS in their sights'. This is very encouraging considering that we here at Desktone have the only purpose built platform for service providers. From day 1, we believed that service providers were best suited to deliver virtual desktops, therefore we built many features that are not found in traditional virtual desktop products such as: multi-tenancy, scalability, and low cost infrastructure.

One of the interesting themes in the research was that other virtual desktop vendors keep touting that the only way to deliver a viable DaaS offering is by leveraging a shared desktop model using remote desktop services (RDS) shared desktop model. Can they please tell this to our many service providers who are delivering full featured Windows 7 VDI desktops to large and small customers worldwide everyday?

In today's world of BYOD and consumerization of IT we hear from service providers daily, who have been offering shared desktops, that they also need to offer full featured desktops. End users expect more control not less, so a full featured desktop experience is a requirement for many. We believe that service providers need to have multiple desktop options to match the various needs of end users. To state that DaaS can only be done effectively with RDS is just not true. With a platform that can deliver true multi-tenancy and get huge economies of scale, service providers can easily deliver full featured VDI as a service.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for some very cool announcements with market leading service providers and cloud providers who realize that RDS is not the only solution. 2012 is going to be a great year for DaaS!

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Posted by David Grant

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As Sr. Director, Product Marketing and Product Management for DaaS at VMware [formerly Desktone], David directs VMware's DaaS marketing efforts, including product management, product marketing and marketing/corporate communications.
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