New Cloud-Scale Service Transforms Desktop and Application Delivery and Economics

VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-mode combines the benefits of cloud-based management, intelligent orchestration and hyper-converged infrastructure to radically transform virtual desktop and application delivery—making it easier and more cost-effective than ever before to adopt, deploy, and manage on-premises virtual desktops and apps..

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Horizon Air Hybrid-mode

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A Quick Overview

Horizon Air Hybrid-mode weaves together three key technologies:

The Horizon Air Hybrid-mode control plane

This single pane of glass available as a cloud service makes it simple to set up, manage, monitor and scale out all your virtual desktops & apps.

Horizon Air Hybrid-mode smart-node software

An intelligent orchestration layer that sits on hyper converged infrastructure appliances from VMware and our partner ecosystem. This smart node software comes with a pre-configured appliance and communicates with the Horizon Air Hybrid-mode control plane in the cloud to ensure desktop and application services are deployed, delivered, updated and managed in seconds with ease.

Horizon Air Hybrid-mode enabled infrastructure

Intelligent infrastructure via hyper-converged appliances simplifies desktop configuration, set up, scaling and updates.

Changing the Game

Horizon Air Hybrid-mode is a game-changing new approach that enables:

Simplified Desktop Set-Up

Get your first virtual desktop up and running quickly. Just plug in a Horizon Air Hybrid-mode enabled hyper-converged appliance, activate the Horizon Air Hybrid-mode smart node software and login to the Cloud Control Plane to configure your appliance. And that’s it. You’re done. No more software to install. Period.

Unbelievably Fast Scaling

Go from 0 to 2000 desktops at cloud speed. Deliver complete images with entitled applications in minutes. When you need more capacity--just add additional appliances.

Zero Downtime Updates

Apply software updates to desktop images and application stacks instantly without disruption to end users. Apply these updates in real time to active users, or when they next log in.

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

With a unified, cloud-based management plane that’s separated from the physical infrastructure, organizations can simplify management of their virtual desktops and apps on-premises.

Desktops that Cost Less

Imagine delivering desktops and apps at a daily cost that’s less than your favorite cup of coffee. With Horizon Air Hybrid-mode we are right sizing the solution for your workloads—ensuring that you don’t over-provision and over-pay for your infrastructure. And we are speeding set up, deployment, updates and monitoring so that you can spend your time and the money you will save on other things.