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Enabling Cloud-based Desktops

The desktop market is ripe for change. Windows 7 migrations, new flexible business models and demand for device independence (such as the iPad) support are driving organizations to reevaluate their desktop strategy. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) was supposed to address many of these challenges, but has instead created many new issues. Until now, large upfront capital expenses (CAPEX) and complexity have created barriers to virtual desktop adoption.

Warm Clouds

The VMware Horizon DaaS Cloud

Taking the cost and complexity out of managing virtual desktops.

The VMware Horizon DaaS Platform enables service providers to eliminate these barriers. It is the only cloud service platform focused on the unique requirements of delivering hosted virtual desktops as a service. This includes offering service providers a highly scalable foundation for secure, multi-tenant, multi- geography deployments that can be operated economically. The VMware Horizon DaaS solution complements the cloud provider’s choice of hypervisor and adds the necessary infrastructure layers to implement a subscription-based model for cloud desktops, with the ability to effectively manage service economics. And to minimize OPEX and maintain a high cost-to-margin ratio, the VMware Horizon DaaS Platform includes a high level of automation for routine tasks – both to reduce manual effort and minimize opportunity for human error. Finally, it can be integrated with operational and business support systems already in use.

System integrators have been challenged to support a diverse set of virtualization technologies for multiple enterprise tenants. Managing multiple independent deployments, whether on-customer premises or in shared hosting, using a variety of management consoles and implementation blueprints, is costly. Now, using VMware Horizon DaaS’s common management framework, integrators can lower CAPEX at scale, with fewer software and hardware components, and can further reduce OPEX through standardized practices across customers, thereby reducing complexity through unified management of infrastructure and capacity across data centers.

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