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Cost-effectively provision and deploy cloud-hosted virtual desktops and apps - and empower users


Today’s colleges and universities need to drive enrollment while still keeping costs low. Your students expect fast, anywhere-anytime computing access on and off campus with around-the-clock support for all of their devices. Increasingly, they also need a specific desktop for a course. Virtual desktop computing solved some of the issues, but it calls for a large upfront capital investment before deployment and often requires specialized skills beyond those of many college IT departments.

Horizon Air Solution

VMware Horizon Air offers an easy-to-deploy, affordable virtual desktop and apps solution that moves all traditional datacenter services into the cloud. This transition of backend infrastructure off campus means an experienced service provider handles the servers, software and support required. As a result, no big upfront capital expense investment and little onsite IT expertise is needed - and more students are supported with fewer IT resources. It also allows more remote classrooms and labs, and better student access to resources around the clock.

Key Features

Higher education institutions experience these benefits when using cloud-hosted virtual desktops by VMware Horizon Air:

  • Centralized management: IT departments can manage all computers from any location.
  • Greater agility: Institutions can roll out applications and updates overnight, to any device, and at any time during the school term.
  • Better computer lab access: Computer lab hours are extended to anytime, anyplace, supporting varied student work styles.
  • Reduced IT cost: The life of existing desktop computers is extended allowing schools to reuse aging PC inventories.
  • Easy support for bring your own device (BYOD) and mobility: Students and faculty can run any application, anywhere, at any time, on or off campus. VMware Horizon Air supports a range of devices including Macs, PCs, iPads, Google Chromebooks, tablets and more.
  • Greener computing: With no power, heating or cooling costs for the data center, VMware Horizon Air helps institutions meet their commitment to more environmentally-friendly computing.
  • Predictable monthly costs: VMware Horizon Air eliminates the need for purchasing, maintaining and updating on-site servers.
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